Cycle4Compassion is a bike-a-thon in which you can change a child's life! This event supports Compassion International in releasing children from poverty.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Guest Post

Recently I guest posted about Cycle4Compassion!  Thank you to sweet Hannah for featuring a story of God's provision and faithfulness!

Because of Shamim: Guest Post: Cycle for Compassion

Saturday, March 1, 2014

An Update on Eduardito

Recently, Eduardito had a new photo taken!  He's grown up so much.

Thanks to your support, he is healthy and is learning many new things.  He now weighs 50 pounds and is growing tall.  Through Compassion, Eduardito receives two general health check-ups and one dental check-up each year.  His favorite food is fruits.  He eats beans and rice every day and meat about once a week.

With the family gift of $34.50 from Cycle4Compassion 2013, Eduardito was able to buy two new pairs of pants and two new shirts.  He thanks you for the gift.  It was a blessing to him and his family!

Eduardito asks you to continue to pray for his mom's business.

Thank you for supporting Cycle4Compassion!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


A very sweet Compassion employee has followed along with Cycle4Compassion. She has featured Cycle4Compassion on  Please check out the post here - “cycle4compassion – How Riding a Bike Can Help a Child” | Create Compassion 

Thank you!  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It Might Be Over, But It Will Never End

Thank you for following along with Cycle4Compassion 2013!

On September 30, 2013, I rode 25 kilometers on my bike. Together with my family, I cycled down the Clarence bike path. It was a beautiful day, and the weather was warm. We completed the 25km in just under two hours!  It was wonderful to have such a nice ride, especially remembering last year's rainy one.  (read about that one here - Cycle4Compassion: "Brake" the cycle of poverty: But we kept on...The Ride 2012)

At the end of my ride, I totaled the donations that you and many other sponsors gave to help children in poverty. It amounted to a grand total of $590.90! That is almost $100 more than was raised last year!
I cannot ever thank you enough or express how grateful I am for you and your support!

One hundred percent of the donations was given to Compassion International. Specifically, this will provide Eduardito with the many things he needs to grow and develop. Through the Compassion project where he lives in El Salvador, he receives Bible teaching, schooling, recreational activities, medical check-ups, and instruction in poultry farming.  Eduardito is being educated in a way that will release him from poverty. I am very excited about that.

Your support has reminded me that together we really can change the world! Throughout the year as I receive updates from Eduardito, I will always remember you. After all, it is because of your selfless act that Eduardito is given the chance to learn and grow in a place where he is loved. 
I am thrilled that, together, we can help release children from poverty in Jesus' name! Every dollar counts, especially to a child in need. Thank you!


In the coming days and weeks, there will be some changes taken place on this site and with Cycle4Compassion.  I am very excited for what will be happening!  Please keep watch for an update soon!  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Another Update

Well, it is time for another update!

On Sunday, my family and I cycled 25km. We chose a different path from last year. (Want to read about the crazy ride last year? Love is an Action: Cycle4compassion) It was a great path, paved and level. It made me wonder if Eduardito's roads were as good as the bike path. The ride was pretty easy, and we did it in two hours.

However, the fundraising was tough. On Saturday, I was $90 short of Eduardito's sponsorship for a year. I didn't know what I should do. We decided we would ride on Sunday like planned, but I wasn't sure if the donations would come in. But God was faithful! Before we rode, donations amounted to over the $456 needed!

This is just a quick update though, and soon I will tell more with photos :)

Thank you soo much for your support!!! Your prayers and donations are so appreciated! I can't thank you enough! :)


If you would like to donate still, I am accepted donations through October 7, 2013. You can give at Cycle4Compassion

Friday, September 27, 2013

Only a Few Days Left!

Thank you all for your generous donations! Every dollar, every cent, counts. It matters to that lil guy in El Salvador - Eduardito.

I will ride 25 km on this Sunday, the 29th of September. Please pray for good weather and a safe time!

Thanks to all of you , so far $270 has been raised! That is about half of the total needed and one quarter of the goal. We're part way there, and I know God will be faithful to provide the rest! I will continue collecting donations until October 7.

Thank you! God bless :)


If you haven't already, would you please prayerfully donate to Cycle4Compassion?

You can view progress or donate on my fundraising page Cycle4Compassion

Thank you for caring and sharing. Together we are changing Eduardito's life!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Eduardito is learning lots!

Recently, I received a letter from Eduardito.  He is sponsored through Compassion by Cycle4Compassion.  Thank you for your support.

This is what Eduardito wrote with the help of his tutor:

My Christian Learning

I learn about God at my project
What year did you accept God in your heart? 2012
My favorite bible story is Noah's Ark
My favorite bible verse is Psalm 23:1
What is your favorite song to sing at the project? A little star in the sky I saw.
What I have learned about Jesus and I like the most is: He helps me.
When I pray to Jesus I do it for my family.
Who is your favorite character from the Bible? Samson

Dear sponsor Elisabeth, your child Eduardo sends you a big hug.  He wants to thank you for your pictures, your letters, stickers, the letter yellow page, and the envelope.  Eduardo says that he is fine with his mother and brother.  Hes mother works by selling food in a cafeteria near the swimming pools of town.  He says that he would like you to pray that his mother does well with her sales.  He tells you at the kindergarten parade he dressed up as a bear.
your child,


Eduardito is learning lots and growing up to become a fulfilled, Christian adult.  Your support is providing him with school and many learning opportunities.  

Please continue to support him so that he can grow and learn.  

You can view progress or donate on my fundraising page Cycle4Compassion

Thank you for caring and sharing.  Together we can change Eduardito's life!